To break it off?

Caitlin🖤 • Vegan. Hippie. Artist.

Hi everyone. For the past few weeks, I’ve been on the fence about my 3.5 year relationship. We started dating when I was in High School. It’s my senior year in college. I have a job after graduation lined up and things are looking good in that aspect. The day I told my boyfriend that I got a job he was upset. I wouldn’t be moving back home or in with him. I understand why he would be upset because we have talked about moving in together (only once). I took the job, as it is a GREAT opportunity for my career. He never said congratulations or acted happy for me. That was kind of when I started realizing that maybe this wouldn’t work out. Soon after that, I was going through a rough patch. My dog died and I felt so sad I was sick. He said he was sorry about my dog, but the next day when I was still upset, he offered no comfort and instead got irritated that he couldn’t buy beer. There are some other things too. He doesn’t like giving head, but he will do it every now and then if I ask. The problem is I can never enjoy it because I know he doesn’t like it😕

Another thing that has opened my eyes is that I feel that he doesn’t respect my time. I go to school in a different state so I’m only home a few times a year. Last year, he missed my entire spring break and birthday to vacation in Mexico. Over the summer, I came home for the 4th of July weekend. He wanted to go on a cruise with his friend those four days and I convinced him to stay if I gave him a BJ every day (I know, I know). Every time I come home he always plans a vacation. I know I cannot control another person or what they do, but I’m always hurt when he leaves for the limited time I’m home. We’ve talked about it and he says that he isn’t going to revolve his life/time around me.

I got in a car wreck last year and my mom called him to come pick me up. He never asked if I was okay, just sat on his phone until I told him to go home.

I made a friend earlier this semester who has been nothing but kind and caring for me and it’s showed me how I want to be treated. It kind of opened my eyes to how good a person can treat someone.

I feel guilty because I feel that I have grown up and have different standards now and he doesn’t fit those standards anymore. We’ve gone through so much together and I feel like shit for wanting to do this. We’ve talked about some of this stuff before and nothing has really changed. I’m not sure what I’m looking for by posting this, but I needed to get it out to people who haven’t been involved in this relationship.