Partner always putting me down

Recently my partner has became obsessed with telling me that I need to loose weight I am 22 and I know I am over weight but it’s the way he says it it’s like he is deliberately trying to upset me he is also constantly putting me down like everything I do or say is wrong or not good enough he’s always done it but recently it’s all the time, I have really bad anxiety and I am not very confident either and with him saying all this stuff it’s just making me worse I have tried telling him how he makes me feel and says he’s only thinking of my health or that he just wants me to understand that what I am saying is wrong, i just don’t know what to do anymore I have been with him for nearly 8 years and I have 2 kids with him. I don’t have anyone to talk to about how I am feeling just to get it off my chest as he said I was to choose between him and my friends (this was like 6 years ago) at that point he was my whole world so would do anything to keep him but now I am not so sure how I feel about him anymore.