Starting to dislike my cat

A few years ago my husband brought home his friend since childhood cat. He did not ask me could he bring the cat home he just did it. I’m not really a cat lover but this cat was important to my husband because he had known it since he was a little boy. Well the cat is a menace. He poops on the floor near his litter box, even though the litter box is clean. He poops in the tub, he sleeps in the tub as well even though I’ve brought him countless things to sleep on and in. All of this is super aggravating but I’ve been dealing with it the last 3 almost 4 years. My final straw with the cat has come recently because I think he’s sick and dying and my husband does nothing about it. He claims to love the cat but does nothing for him and now it’s making me resent him ( my husband) and the cat. We made plans to take the cat to the vet but when the day comes my husband backs out of it. It got to the point after cancelling a few times I told him to just get the cat put down because we have kids and the cat is obviously not doing well. Picture of the cat

Also does anyone know what this is on his belly. No hate about this situation guys. We have 3 kids. A 10 year old, a 3 year old who is always playing on the floor with his toys. The cat has pooped and peed all over the floor where the 3 year old plays, and on his toys. And a baby due in December

Edit to say: he kept telling me he was taking the cat to the vet numerous amount of times. He claims the cat means so much to him because he’s known him since he was a child. I’ve been trying to be patient about the situation because of this but he refuses to believe anything is wrong with the cat. After reading the comments from you ladies I am going to take him to the vet myself. I called my dad and he will take me tomorrow to get him checked out. I told my husband this and he instantly got irritated about me taking charge of a situation he was “handling”. I’m trying my best but it’s hard being 8 months pregnant, working full time and dealing with 2 kids. Thank you for your comments though because I thought I was going crazy about the situation. He acts like it’s non existent