I’m soooo MAD at our pediatrician office!!!

R.C. • Wife💍Boy Mom💙💙

So we got our babies flu shot at his 6 month appointment and then they told us to come back in a week for the second. We just did what was told bc you trust your dr office and then we did and a day later they call and said there’s been a mix up... he wasn’t supposed to get his 2nd dose for a month 😳😡. I’m furious bc now they want us to come back in a month for a 3rd dose and who the heck knows what two close together like this will do... plus he’s a preemie born at 35w at the beginning of May. Ughhhhh stupid ppl. So just so everyone knows- 2nd dose is not for a month! I’m just worried bout the effects on our baby😭