Am I projecting already? Update: Thank you

Jessie • Housewife, animal mom of 3, expecting 1st human baby April 2020.

I found out we are having a little girl and I'm already looking up ballet lesson and figure skating costs. Just to see if she ever wanted to try them, if we could possibly afford it. I'm not hoping she is interested in these activities, nor already convinced she would be, I'm thinking back to my own childhood interests and how robbed I was of them.

I remember having interests in gymnastics, ballet, tap dancing, and figure skating when I was little. My parents only signed me up for ballet for a brief two years because it was a family friend offering lessons for cheap. I loved it, but when she quit went off to college, I begged for more but they said no, too expensive. Yet they had no problem buying the next big electronic. I asked for gymnastics and they said I was too old and didn't think I would be interested since my brother tried it when he was little and didn't like it... So why should I, right? When I showed interest in ice skating, they scared me out of it. "You're so clumsy, you might break an ankle."

I don't want to deny my daughter of any of these kinds of dreams, but I don't want to force her. Does this make sense?

Update: first, thank you for reassuring me that I’m not projecting.

I was watching the Nutcracker ballet when I started thinking about ballet lessons and remembering my childhood. I just spoke to my hubby about how our lil girl moves every time there’s music, and she was moving a lot during the nutcracker.

“We might have a ballerina on our hands.” I said.

“If that is what she wants to do, we’ll try to make it happen.” He laughed. “But.... she’ll have to work her way through school, because ballet can get expensive. If it’s what she truly wants, she’ll find a way.”

I love this man. ❤️