3 month old screaming and refusing to nurse

I need some advice

For the past week ish my 3 1/2 month old will cry and cry and cry when I try to offer to nurse her. When she’s happy she’s very happy but as soon as she’s hungry/tired she screams uncontrollably. It is a fight every day now to nurse except at night where she is now waking every 2ish hours where she used to only wake up one time and even slept through 9pm-7am one time.

I’m starting to worry about ear infection as my son had 10 in one year but she isn’t tugging on her ears at all.

What do you guys think?? Should I call her dr? Take her to urgent care in the morning? Or do you think it is just a growth spurt?

The reason I am not jumping to the dr is because it is flu season and if nothing is wrong I don’t want to expose her to illnesses she would of avoided otherwise

Thanks in advance!!