Marriage help


I’m gonna try to make it husband did 5.5 years feds but I’ve known of him since 1996. Now fast forward a little...we started talking July 24 but made it official Aug 1st.

Of course when we started, everything was good. No signs of anything being out of pocket, except the fact that we live an hour apart.

Ok Aug 20th we got married and things were still going great. I eventually bought him an IPhone and an Apple Watch. Well shortly after the conversations started getting short, so short that they were nonexistent.

I was also asking what was wrong or what’s not right and he’d always say nothing. Well three weeks ago I grew TIRED of it all and was ready to sign my papers. I took his key back to him on a Tues and gave him 24hours to get another phone. Well he clearly had another phone, just not an iPhone... he called and text apologizing and begging for me to give him our marriage the fighting chance.

I took the stuff since he was petty enough to delete and block me on fb. Tbt prior to that he wasn’t posting me on his page, yet I posted him on mine every chance I got. But seriously...after looking on the phone bill there were calls that were 30 mins, 40 mins, hell even two hours AND no none of them were to me. Our calls wouldn’t event go over 5 mins by now...

Well I have not been to his house in two weeks cause things don’t feel the same and he is doing just fine. The drive doesn’t bother me but me doing it all on my own is.

I don’t even know what to ask or what to do....advice or comforting words please.