Please give me advice/prayers :(

Stephanie. 👼🏻 9.17 💔 TTC 🌈 #1

Back story: I had a MMC via misoprostol on 9.17. I listened to my OB and waited TTC until I had a period and levels were back to 0. AF came and went (although awfully long and heavy...lasted about 2 weeks). I stopped bleeding for a week just in time for my fertile window. I used OPK’s to track ovulation and I peaked on Nov. 10th using both cheap and digital tests (I am currently 4DPO). I had extreme ovulation cramps on my peak day and the day after. I also have been BLEEDING since ovulation day and the days since (about 4 days total now). It started out with bits of tissue coming out, then a few clots. Now that has stopped but there’s red blood every time I wipe, but not much on my underwear or liner. AF isn’t due until a week or so. It’s just odd to me I started bleeding right ON my ovulation day. Could this be because my ovulation is “pushing out” leftover MC remnants? I did have an ultrasound to confirm everything was out after my MC and it was. I’m so confused 😢 I just feel like I’m bleeding all the time. My first pregnancy I had implantation bleeding around 7DPO and made it to 7 weeks.