Am I terrible person?


I am beyond blessed that I was able to get pregnant again. I love this child, I swear I do. But I wish I wasn’t pregnant. I regret it so much, and I feel god awful for feeling that way. Let me explain, I had a baby seven months ago and now I’m 13 weeks pregnant. so the stress of caring for an infant, but also having to take care of myself is overwhelming. Then my husband and I have been arguing non stop, over dumb things, but the arguing has been terrible. Im depressed, whether it be postpartum depression or hormones or whatever, I am not okay what’s so ever..... I just feel like the baby in my belly is having to endure so much stress and not getting any attention. I’m scared that something is going to be wrong with it because I’m not taking care of myself. I’m just losing my mind 😓😓😓😓