Gummy edible

First time eating 1/2 of a gummy edible. It’s already been an hr and it’s not kicking in. My bf thinks it’s weird. I don’t smoke or anything. This is my very first time...

So, I don’t even know what feeling high supposed to feel like.

My bf don’t let me take more than 1/2 of a gummy. I took it at 5:20pm

Update: Thanks everyone! My bf say nexttime he’ll let me try a full one. A full gummy contain 10... so I basically had 5.

Update 2: yes. I ate the edible on an empty stomach. Right now it’s 10pm, I just had sex and there’s no effect from the edible so far. Nexttime I’ll take a full one and see how it’ll go or just a small hit, we’ll see. Thanks everyone for the help and advices :) ❤️