Is this a rectal prolapse or cyst?! (TMI)

Hey everyone, so I have a gyno appointment coming up but not for another week and I am so paranoid, anxious and stressed! Recently I have been wondering if I may have a prolapse of some variety or perphas just a lot of scar tissue from having 2 children. The other day I was about to have a bowel movement (sorry for the tmi about to come) I hadnt had one in a few days and this one was literally stuck at my rectum, not knowing what to do I tried MANY things to try and relieve myself as it was incredibly uncomfortable. I tried using lube hoping that might help it come out but it didnt so I decided to try inserting my fingers into my vagina to see if maybe that would help relieve me considering I have been thinking I may have a prolapse and thought this may be a good way to tell. It didnt help but I thought I may have felt the movement (due to its large size) through my vagina wall but pushing on it did not help. As I moved my fingers up I noticed another solid mass, thinking its constipation i didnt think more of it until today. I did the same thing and sure enough the mass is still there. I have had lots of bowel movements since finally getting that large one to pass and do not think I am constipated anymore so now im wondering if this could be a vaginal cyst as it is high up into the canal where the bowel movement I had felt through my walls was right at the bottom next to where my rectum is . I dont know much about these things but Im definitely feeling very anxious now. Are both these a possibility? Thanks in advance and sorry again for the tmi. Also I have no buldging outside of vagina but do have a bit of a buldge on the inside on the back wall which is why im thinking prolapse