Could I be pregnant?

Hubby and I had sex oct 28 with 11% chance of pregnancy. Ovulation was set for nov 1st. Last week I developed a yeast infection out of nowhere.. last night there was light brown spotting when I wiped and this morning there was light spotting. My period was due today and I felt crampy so I put a tampon in just assuming I would start bleeding while we were out all day. I just took the tampon out for the night and nothing on it at all.. no sign of bleeding starting and I still feel crampy.

I was taking birth control so my period is always on time and always starts early in the AM. Should I be worried about pregnancy or just wait and see if it starts? I’m always regular so I’m not sure why I’ve not started yet.

Also I took a test a few days ago and it was negative but I didn’t test positive with my first baby until the day of my missed period.