AF 3 Days Late

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure when I ovulated in October because I was on my honeymoon ironically the same week as my fertile week according to all of my apps 🤪 No temps, no OPK’s, just going with the flow and enjoying each other.

However, I do know I’m currently 3 days late for my period (tomorrow will be 4) and so far ive gotten all BFN’s 😔

Last week I had about 3 days worth of light pink spotting that never turned into anything. I’m crampy, itchy and swollen boobs, insane amount of water cm (enough to constantly be changing my underwear) but these bfn’s im getting are throwing me off....

When should I consider myself out, or should I just keep testing? UGH. Whats the latest anyones gotten a BFP after a missed period?

Baby dust ladies! ✨