I knew it

My mom watches my daughter for ONE day and I come home to a HORRIBLE diaper rash on her. I knew she couldn't handle it, but she insisted. We just spent 2 weeks clearing up a diaper and yeast rash. 2 weeks, it was finally cleared up and she was on the final day of medication for it. Here's to hoping I don't lose my NEW job because she clearly isn't going to be watching my daughter anymore.

Side note: she had her FIRST rash at 10 months due to being sick and having horrible diarrhea. Other than that she's never had one on MY watch🤷

Lol also my child won't be setting foot in a daycare. Definitely not😂 I didn't have a baby to have someone else raise her

The rash isn't some light pinkish red rash. It's a full-blown beat red, dry, crying in pain and covering her entire genital area rash. This didn't come on within an hour, it was clearly brewing for quite a while during the day and she wasn't paying any mind to it even though she knows what had been going on and what to do. She has watched her for a few hours on other occasions and every time I pick my daughter up her diaper is overfull. Like hasn't been changed in hours. I love how you women jump on and love to tear others down. Yes, I was harsh and it was out of anger but I still stand by what I have said. This was clearly purely out of neglect on her part. Babies get rashes, my baby isn't some golden child but she has also never been sick or had a rash until now. The rash she recently got was due to a very bad stomach bug leading to constant acidic diarrhea. She's over everything and her rash had been cleared for 5 days now, until she watched her. I have every right to be upset here, YOU women need to get over yourselves. In no way am I a perfect mother, but at least I care for my daughter and keep her healthy.

Also not sure why I should be grateful for neglectful care which led to a bad rash and put my daughter in pain🤦

Having her grandmother watch her for one day isn't raising her🤷 putting her in daycare every day is😂