CyclesBuddies? CD13/Endo_Softcup


Hey guys!

So I have a loooong TTC journey but not as long as some (don’t want to discredit anyone)

I came off of depo in 2014 and haven’t fallen pregnant yet. Diagnosed with Endo in 2017. 3 surgeries.

Fast forward

Me and DH desperately want to conceive. We’re trying Softcups, preseed, opks and pineapple core. At this point I’m getting fed up but I don’t want to give up on my dreams of a big family. My birthday is DEC 1 and a BFP would be the greatest gift ever!!!

I’ve tested positive opks for 2 days now . BD yesterday afternoon and DH finishes twice (tmi) and BD today approximately 8am leaving the soft cup in for 8 hours.

*excuse my sloppy handwriting*