Intermittent Fasting ? Anyone?


I hate fad or trending diets that get big just because of social media. But my mom did it and she lost 25 lbs. I am at my highest weight I've ever been. I am suffering from a bit of depression for I'd say the past 4 years so I let myself go. I could care less about my looks. I just want to eat what I want when I want. But if someone takes a video or pic with me in it I'm utterly shocked and grossed out at how big I've gotten. I am trying to encourage myself to try the intermittent fasting. I just feel like sometimes if I'm backed up against a wall, or my family or boyfriend start hinting that I need to lose weight, that in turn hurts my feelings and I back away from doing it just because "they said I need to". Especially the boyfriend... it's like wow... that makes me feel like shit. When he says u looked good back then... referring to years ago when I was slimmer... it's like

.. u met me at this weight a year and a half ago so why is it now an issue for u to throw low blows about me being lazy or stubborn? Yet he doesnt workout or eat healthy whatsoever. I just have so much mixed feelings that it is making me retreat... and depressing me. But I'm really trying to get the motivation to get up and diet again. Intermittent fasting is what I'm going to try....