I think I’m done with him.....?

I’ve been hanging out with this dude for literally 4 months. At first it was going super slow. But I met all this friends, went on a trip, and have hung out with him every single week. A month ago he was acting differently. He was being more affectionate and was talking about going step by step and building trust. That lasted about 3 weeks.

Last week he literally slept over. We talked all day every single day last weekend. On Sunday I texted him and after a bit he ignored me. I waited 4 days and texted him yesterday asking if he wanted to hang as I always do. He didn’t respond. I texted again asking what was happening but then right after I found out a family member was on life support so I couldn’t hang anymore. He told me he was sorry to hear that. I texted after asking how a thing with his job went but he didn’t reply.

Today I tried again and he never replied. I texted a little over an hour later and told him I have to actually stay at the hospital with my family so I can’t, but I asked what was going on because I’m confused. Didn’t reply. He did watch all my snaps and stories prior, but now he hasn’t watched my latest snap. I’m trying to tell myself to leave him, but I’m so frustrated because I really thought it was going somewhere. He was literally fine a week ago. I feel so stupid texting him again but I thought I should rather than not. But now that he isn’t idk what to do. I’ve literally been so occupied with him the past 4 months. Idk what to do now. I’m bored, lonely, and going through every emotion especially with my sick family member. Help???!