How to stop comfort/sleep nursing


Ladies of Glow.... PLEASE HELP! My 19 week old will not and has never napped without nursing to sleep except 3 times. She wants it all times and I am a stay at home mom so it’s easier for me to just give it to her, but I am exhausted and feel like no one can help me, not even my husband which makes me accidentally resentful towards him at nights when she is constantly waking up. We’ve tried feeding her bottles which she takes but still wants boob after to sleep. She won’t take pacifiers at all - she just chews on it and spits it out. We’ve tried walking with her back and forth, bouncing her, “shhhh”ing her. In regards to naps, car/stroller rides don’t help, she’s just too curious and wants to stare at everything. I make sure I don’t interact with her at night when I do wake up to get her when she cries so that I don’t engage and make her think it’s time to play. I’ve sang to her, read to her, I rock her, but if she’s sitting on my lap and is tired, she IMMEDIATELY gets restless and fussy and nuzzles into my chest until I nurse her and then she falls asleep right away. If she is not on my lap and with my husband, she just stares until she burns a hole in me and then the stare turns into a frantic “I need boob” cry.

I need to get out of this situation so my husband can help me with naps during the weekends and at night (I’ve been getting no sleep the past few weeks). She is a lousy sleeper and wakes up like 5x throughout the night just to be comfort nursed back to sleep, but I’m stuck doing this for about 30 min... even if I pull the nip out too soon, she will search for it and if I can’t “shhh her back into her sleep” then she cries without it. Whenever we try to do anything to get her to sleep without nursing, she just scream cries.

I feel like it’s all my fault for getting in this situation to begin with as I’m a FTM and a STAHM and nursing just felt easier than trying other ways 🤦🏼‍♀️

Please help me, I am so beyond desperate.