my life


I’m in highschool and dealing with so much stuff right now. i’ve been depressed for almost 3 years now. i have went to so many therapist and i have been put on lots of medications but it doesn’t help. i cope with my depression by cutting. my mom started doing drugs when i was 9 and she abounded me and my brother. i live with my dad now and he is such a good dad but he doesn’t know how to help me and since he found out about my problems he’s treated me different and has distanced himself. i’ve tried talking to my mom about everything but she’s so messed up all the time we argue so i just cut ties with her and stopped all communication with her. i don’t see her anymore i just dropped her. i honestly miss her so much and miss how she used to be. she was such a great mom until she fell off the wagon. i don’t know how to deal with this anymore.