Outdated ultrasound? Accurate? Ramzi?


I was somewhat disappointed tonight after our first ultrasound. Happy to see baby of course. I thought I was 6w4d and she said 6w0d. (I used lh strips to pinpoint ovulation pretty accurately I thought) but her equipment was old (at least as old as my 7 year old) the image was so so blurry. I had a 7w0d ultrasound at another facility with my last child and it was crystal clear. She said this baby pictured above seemed to be on the right. It was an abdominal ultrasound. We saw heartbeat 118 but couldn't hear it. Do you think older equipment isn't as accurate? Does that make a difference? What about the ramzi theory for this. Looks on the left of picture but she said appears to be right side. And with abdominal you flip it from what the picture says and then do opposite because it's the abdomen? I'm so confused. Any thoughts? TIA