Chest infection


So I’ve been sick the last week coughing up thick green mucus and having hot flashes. I came home to my parents for a few days, and my mom made an appointment for me. The doctor said my lungs sounded clear, and she didn’t want to prescribe me anything; She thought it was just a bug going around, and claimed she had the same thing happen to her a few weeks back. My mom and I looked at each other annoyed, and told the doctor to prescribe me medicine. This isn’t something that can just pass. I literally wake up in coughing fits, THICK green mucus, and I sound horrible because I’m so phlemy. IVE BEEN WAITING A WEEK TO LET IT PASS!!!! I’ve down so much niquil medicine! Ugh 😡😡😡 Don’t need medication my ass. It probably would have developed into bronchitis or pneumonia if I didn’t take medication!!! My chest and head were starting to hurt because of how often I’m coughing! Now I’m on pills, cough medicine, and getting an inhaler tomorrow