A teen, and needs answers!

According to both period tracking apps i have, i’m 3 days late.

4 days ago i had a very small amount of clear discharge with a little bit of blood so i automatically thought it was my period beginning, i put on a liner because it wasn’t enough for a pad. later that night i ended up taking off the liner cause i didn’t have anymore spotting/discharge.. and i still haven’t started my period, and surly that couldn’t have been it. Could this be a sign of implantation bleeding/early pregnancy spotting?

on the 28th of October i had unprotected sex (using withdrawal) with my SO at the time, this was during my fertile period, and if i’m correct implantation bleeding happens 10-14 days after conception, which adds up.

i can pick up a pregnancy test after i get off work tomorrow evening but for now could someone answer my question? could the small amount of blood mixed with my discharge that i had 4 days ago, be an sign of early pregnancy?