Miscarriage Trauma


I have been having a lot of maternal anxiety lately. I had a miscarriage on Oct16. I just tuned four week and I lost my twins. I believe it was twins because it sure did look like it...

It’s hard for me to do normal activities lately because I get this light pressure sensation. Then I immediately lay down until it goes away.

Or every time I go to the bathroom I pray there isn’t blood.

I’m having so much anxiety and stress lately, this definitely is helping me because I’m in the middle of a Sexual Assault case I’m filing for. So I have to see my molested running free right now. And dealing with selling the home, being a doula, running my business, baby sitting kids, etc etc etc.

Is cramping/pressure normal? No spotting. I can walk around and it will be fine and what not. It’s like a light pressure feeling. I’m 3 weeks and 2 days. I’m so scared of this four week mark coming up. It terrifies me... how do I cope and how do I settle my mind.