Ivf and pain

I had chlamydia as a teenager and probably had it 3-4 years without knowing and only found out bc I started having pain in my uterus. I’ve been to 2 different OBs and neither will take me serious when I tell them about the pain I have in between periods. I was told I had cysts once but the next time I had an ultrasound they were gone and was never diagnosed with PCOS or anything. The last pap I had was normal and the pain I get is almost like a swelling or like someone is doing Indian burn to my ovaries and squeezing them, or even just like a kind of burn deep in my uterus. Would PID be a possibility after all these years? Would a pap detect that? Is there anything else it could be? I’ve never missed a period and have almost perfect 28-29 day cycles. And my discharge sometimes smells strong and sour but not fishy and is creamy white. Is there anything else it could be? I’ve made an appt with an RE next month already since I’ve been TTC for 3 years and will be talking about

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so I’m just paranoid and overthinking. Has anyone else had pcos or cysts? Do they hurt between periods or cause I strong sour odor sometimes? Also could it be Bacterial vaginosis? Would that show up on a pap?