100% honest birth story, TMI

Grace Rose

So after my sons birth I didn’t get to make a post explaining the birth story on any platform.. everything was so busy and I wish I found this app sooner!! Anyway...

On September 24th my fiancé and I headed to my OB for a routine appointment and ultrasound, I was 36 weeks and 7 days at the time. The ultrasound was perfect, and our little man was doing great. Everything seemed amazing until they took my blood pressure and informed me I was borderline having a stroke. This was an insane surprise to us considering I normally have really low blood pressure, like 100/50. That day I had 197/103. My doctor informed me that they would be admitting me to have my blood pressure monitored and have me induced. This is our first baby, we’re both almost 20,

and we were definitely not prepared to hear that! None of the classes we took could’ve prepared us for the moment we were told our baby HAD to come 3 weeks early, or it could be life threatening to us both.

So my fiancé drives me to the hospital, and they immediately inserted a cervical ripening agent, put me on iv fluids and had constant blood pressure monitoring in case induction needed to turn into a c section (which meant clear liquids only for me 🤢) . After a few hours of that they checked my cervix ( I was apparently 2 centimeters already when I came in, which was insane because I didn’t even feel anything), and nothing was happening.. great lol.

They then started me on Pitocin and came in to break my water about 2 hours later. Let me tell you,, that shit HURT. I absolutely hated that feeling, it gave me cold chills and made me feel like I was going to puke, but that was the least of my problems. Without the umbilical fluid there, I started to feel my contractions immediately. Like a ton of Charlie horses throughout my stomach. I decided that I was at an okay pain level to get the epidural, not too much so I can’t sit still, but definitely not too little lol. At this point I was 4 cm, but an hour after requesting the epidural they hadn’t arrived, and when they did they told me I had to finish my bag of Pitocin (which took forever because the only iv line they could get was in the crook of my arm instead of my hand 😑). Another hour passes and I’m finally done with the Pitocin, but now my contractions are unbearable. The nurse checks me and lets me know I am now 6 cm, and they’re ready for the epidural.

So I’m bent over, mentally preparing for the epidural, and the local anesthetic didn’t work for me. It surprised me in the worst way, and on top of that they struggled to find the right area. They stuck me 6 times, and each time they did they moved the needed around looking for the spot. I’ll never forget the popping sound it made in my spine .😖 They finally called the supervisor and she got it in one go, thank god. At that point the epidural took over an entire hour to get right , my contractions had been unbearable throughout the entire thing. My fiancé, who was holding me, had a shirt drenched in my sweat and tears, and he literally cried because he couldn’t stand seeing me in that much pain. I can honestly say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever been though. They didn’t even wait for my contractions to stop, so I was dealing with them messing up the epidural the entire time AND excruciating contractions. But boy when they did get it... it was amazing lol.

I took a nap immediately afterwards, and my fiancé looked more upset than I was lol. At 10 pm we were told since this was my first baby, I probably wouldn’t be ready to push until 5 or 6 am (on the 26th), and it would more than likely take me an hour or two of pushing.

We were woken up at 12:50 am for a cervical check, and she barely looked before exclaiming “wow okay you’re ready to push, youre 10 cm”. We were all super surprised, but excited. The nurse said we would do a few practice pushes to see when she should call the doctor. I pushed once and she just goes “oh okay, yeah I’m going to call the doctor in, he’s an eager one”. I pushed for a total of 20 something minutes before my son finally made his debut lol. Everyone (including my fiancé and I) were beyond surprised it all happened so fast. I had a stage 3 episiotomy, but alas, I didn’t shit on the table. 🤣🤣

Our little man came out perfectly healthy, thank god. My fiancé cut the umbilical cord, and he was placed on my chest for the first time. Not even a minute goes by and my son started peeing in my face.. welcome to motherhood!! 😂

But seriously it was all such an insane and amazing experience, and almost 2 months later I can’t believe we created something so amazing. I can’t believe I actually pushed his big ol head out!! My whole pregnancy I didn’t think I’d be strong enough, I doubted myself during the entire labor and delivery process. But I did it!!

If you’re pregnant and thinking the same way I did, you’ve GOT THIS!! you’re so strong and so beyond capable!! Nobody but you can do this for your beautiful baby!!