Nervous to tell my hubby

Denise • married to my best friend and mama to a 3 yr old boy 💙 and 1 yr old girl💗 and pregnant with TWINS due in July 💛💛

I’m 5w6d right now and this will be baby #3. We have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old and I haven’t told my husband that we have another one coming.

Let me start by saying he is a wonderful man. Rarely gets mad, extremely supportive of me, very involved with our kids and a hard worker. He does have a hard time with the baby stages though. He has a hard time with how tiring and needy babies are. He travels Feb-Oct every year. We don’t have family or friends in the state we love in either. He loves our kids and is so good with them. I’m afraid to tell him another one is coming because the added stress it might put on him. I think this is because of how involved he is, how much he supports me and that on top of how demanding his job is. I know he loves our kids but I also know that adjusting to kids and balancing his work has been difficult for him. He’s been happy that our youngest is over 1yr because it’s been easier and I think he will be disappointed to start over again at newborn stage. I just want him to be excited and not stressed and so I’ve been avoiding telling him.

How and when do I say something?

We were not trying for another one but we were not preventing either.