Burnt my back 😭


So I've been having lots of issues with my lower back 😣 Mainly my sciatic nerve. I have been seeing a chiropractor and saw him Wednesday and felt great after and Thursday morning. Well Thursday afternoon I bent down to get a plate off the end table and had instant sharp shooting pain in my back and it has only increased 🤬 I had work and the chiropractor was closed Friday and my next appointment is Monday but I'm dying here 🤕 I spoke to him on the phone and he told me some things to try but it's not helping. I've been putting icy hot on my back every night when I go to bed and have never had an issue even in the past until last night! I woke up and was showering for work and was washing my back and noticed it hurt really bad and feels like it's actually burnt!! It's very painful to touch. Do y'all have any other suggestions on what I could try?? I've done heat, rest, stretching, icy hot, hot showers, and ice.