Sad panda


I feel sad. I due for my period in 3 days and I have absolutely no signs of any baby in sight. I thought I timed everything out perfectly while not stressing about it much. My husbands family is SO fertile and we’ve been trying for 4 months. I really really thought in the first month I would get pregnant. I can’t help but blame birth control pills for 8 years. It bums me out because I REALLY wanted to announce around Christmas because we have big family Christmas party’s but I also didn’t want to say anything until close to 12 weeks. Looks like that won’t be even a thought anymore. I just have a feeling I’m not pregnant, again. I don’t understand why when everything should be good. I got positive ovulation, had sex throughout fertile period, and I’m a healthy person. Why isn’t it connecting? I feel bummed. End rant. Sorry!