Travel day 2

Ashley • Happily married, have a wonderful son, and a new baby girl 💜

So we started our cross country move (Virginia to California) yesterday. We made it to Ohio for the first night and we're expecting to hit Missouri today. The kids did pretty good yesterday, but we had to toss out my saved breastmilk since we forgot to get dry ice (thankfully it wasn't much, but it still hurt when my husband came up to me and said "...I did it..." -- I already told my husband once we get to California I'm going to need to pump like crazy to get some stored breastmilk for day care). The plan is to get to California by Thursday, but if the kids are over it by Tuesday, we have plane tickets prepped so I can fly with them while my husband drives the rest of the way. I'm hoping the rest of the trip goes well, I'm just tired of driving already 😂