All I wanna do.....


All I want to do is test. Test. Test.

I’m 5 days till my period and I’m trying to be a good girl and not do it.

I’m anxious but then I don’t want to see the negative (hopefully not).

Im going to try my hardest and wait this time!

I did with my daughter, I waited till the morning of my period...but gosh it wasn’t this hard trying to conceive last time!

Ugh 😩

Please wish me luck as I hold out! I made my husband hide my tests!


I want that ➕

I guess I will just have to keep busy with house work today 🧹 🧺 (someone needs to do the lame 😒 blinds and staircase) least hubby will help while Alli goes and hangs with her Aunty and Ma!