Do I have the right to be mad?


Yesterday my boyfriend and I decided on a break and we met up that night to go eat since we always go eat on fridays for dinner (he lives about 2 hours away so we met up half way) I was on his phone because I was using his maps and I see a message from tinder and basically I went online and looked at it and it turns out he made an account and I asked him about it but he lied and said it was spam but I managed to find out that it wasn’t. Anyways, we argued all night and I don’t know if I’m in the wrong or if he is. He only texted one girl and it said “was good” and he told me that he just wanted to learn how to use it since all his friends have it. I think it’s bs and I’m so heartbroken because if he loved me he wouldn’t be on a dating site. But I also feel guilty because I messaged a guy once on Instagram when we had our first break.

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