Not for the weak of stomach!


So.. I had miscarriage on july 3, 2019. I had to take misoprostol to promote a miscarriage due to a blighted ovum. As soon as I quit bleeding, I got pregnant, IMMEDIATELY. that resulted in a miscarriage as well.

I was filling up maxi pads for FOUR weeks & HUGE blood clots. My doctor sent me to the ER 2 times. She seen me 4. 4 rounds of labs and 3 ultrasounds to try to find the source of the problem! They found nothing!! Fast forward to this past monday. I woke up cramping like crazy, like excruciating pain. So I wake up and go to the store to buy a heating pad. The pain was so bad I had to sit down in the floor in the store and take huge breaths. I get back home and sit with the heating pad for about 30-45 and the pain went away. So I stood up to go pee, and blood started pouring! Through my underwear, through my pajamas, onto my floor, EVERYWHERE. When I got to the bathroom, this came out of me.(see photo) Can anyone tell me what this is or may be?