Bed time routine?


Anyone want to share their bedtime routines that dont involve a bath or shower every night? I dont want to have bathing be a part of her bedtime routine but I am yet to start doing a whole routine and all I see are suggestions for doing a bath and bed thing.

She is 2 months old and right now the only thing we do at bedtime is go into the bedroom where its dark and I will breastfeed her and play with her hair until shes asleep while we lay on my bed. Then I move her to her bassinet when shes deep asleep.

Her nap routine is also pretty inconsistent it's just waiting til she gets tired and then take her to the room, swaddle her and put her in the bassinet letting her suck my finger til shes tired and then I take it away and let her get herself to sleep (sometimes rocking the bassinet if shes extra fussy)

Please give me some ideas to make it more consistent!!! I want different routines for naps and bedtime because if I do the breastfeed to sleep thing during the day she will sleep too long thinking its bedtime and then shes up all night because shes not tired