Blue eyed baby

So my 4 month old has these striking blue eyes, they are beautiful. My husband is half East Indian and half Italian so he has black hair and dark brown eyes, and darker skin same with everyone in his family. My mom has green eyes and black hair and my dad has blonde hair and blue eyes. I have brown hair and brown eyes. And our 4 month old has blue eyes, brown hair and she is very fair skinned.

Before she was born we all expected to have this little brown baby with brown eyes and black hair but she’s actually the complete opposite of what we had expected her to look like. Still extremely cute no matter what tho.

My husband made a joke today asking if she was actually his and who her real dad is since she looks nothing like him. I know he’s joking but it made me kinda sad. I hope he doesn’t have any doubts about our little one being his. She’s definitely his, she just doesn’t really look like him yet.