I have wondered

How someone could be so bothered by another person, and plan to eliminate them from the earth. Don’t these people have jobs , hobbies or a life. They literally take the time to plan murder instead of just releasing the grudge.

Even rapist? Like why can’t you just go jack off in your house like a normal person? Do they not feel dominant enough? If so, they can get over it instead of assaulting people.

Cannibals are rare. I would ask Jeffery dahmer why he ate people. Did animal meat not seem appealing enough? Like why dude why?

Child killers are weird. Some murder their parents just because the parents disapproved of their relationship. Just go be a rebel like a normal teen no need to kill. The ones that kill their “best friend” are interesting like were you really friends though?

I just have so many unanswered questions about these things