HELP! Cramps and Pressure?


At what point is cramping and pressure enough to call the doctor?

I am 26 weeks 4 days today, and after a lot of walking yesterday felt a fair amount of cramping and just belly discomfort last night.

Today I did a lot of housework and a little more walking around stores, and I still have some cramping and what I personally would describe as pressure as I move around and especially when I use the bathroom.

At my anatomy scan at 20 weeks they found that I have a short cervix and were concerned about preterm labor. They put me on progesterone which I still take and after 4 weeks of my cervix staying consistent and not thinning they stopped monitoring. But they told me to watch for preterm labor symptoms like pressure. But as a first time mom, I don’t really know what that pressure would feel like?

I don’t feel like I’m going into labor, no contractions, and I can feel her moving so I think she’s okay. But I’m definitely not feeling normal either.

Any insight or advice?