Wish i knew for sure

Jamie • 🤗 Jamie✌💙

Im 19 days late. Ive been having symptoms come and go. Some days i feel pregnant, some days i dont feel pregnant.

Matter fact im not even sure if iam. But i do have the symptoms.

I have pcos so its already hard to get pregnant. I took a test couple days before miss period. It said no, but the test was acting strange before i used it. It was also a digital. I guess from research those can be faulty.

So i test a day after a miss period. It was a very hard alter pic, slight positive.

I have blood test this monday. I really hope im pregnant, IF not then wtf is up with these Sympotoms. Sore breast, nauseous. Sleepy. Killer headaches. Cramping and lower back aches.

Please pray or send Postive vibes my way. ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆