Woman in Engineering


I need to vent... I could not believe the vile things I heard when coming into a separate office to use the printer. My male colleagues clearly didn’t notice me enter the room and were discussing a woman describing her having ‘massive tits and an amazing body but the face of a dog’ amongst many other derogatory comments. And here was me thinking my workplace had really improved on the attitude toward women with their various positive diversity and inclusion attitudes/groups to tackle discrimination in a very male dominated industry. I now hate to think what these colleagues have said about me, and can definitively say I’ll be coming into work in much baggier clothes as a result of this. It has just made me feel so so unnecessarily uncomfortable, and I hate to let patriarchy win, but I would not be willing to go to my superiors about this in fear of the horrific backlash I would get as they would know it came from me.