Mommas I need your help


So ladies I’ve taking my 3 month to the doctor so many times because he can’t poop on his own he gets so fussy and cries all the time it’s been 4 days and nothing and they keep telling me he’s fine and he’s not constipated because his poop is not hard. But I hate seeing my baby cry and they keep dismissing me and saying it’s fine. Also there’s another problem my baby won’t sleep (I’ve posted about this) and I feel like it’s due to him not pooping anyways I swear he doesn’t get his full 10-14 hours of sleep that most babies need. He will wake up within minutes of me putting him down. The longest nap is probably 30 mins twice a day that’s all. I wish he can take longer naps so he can get his sleep/rest and I can get things done. I told my doctor and he said it’s normal some babies don’t sleep 😖 anyways as a new mom I feel like something is wrong but no one wants to believe me. Please any tips that has helped you or anyone you know let me know please. I’m struggling and I feel like I have failed at being a new mom.

Also recommend me swings I heard those help babies they? (Theyre so expensive tho 😫