I wanna be friends with all the women. I just really appreciate how gorgeous they are with all their own different styles. And they're all kind?? Like, I've never met a woman who was unwilling to give you a tampon if they had one. Also we're all so cool! Goth girls? Bad bitches. Soft girls? Adorable. Tendy girls? Hip and with the times. Business women? Smart asf. My point is, women. We're awesome and I love them all.

I hate it when girls say "I'm not like other girls". They really mean that they don't wanna be categorized with barbie dolls who only care about something if it's shiny or pink, which is what they've been convinced that's all women are by the media growing up. Yeah, there are women who like pretty things and love makeup. They're just as valid as any other girl. All women are queens.