I understand the jealousy 🙄

Katy • Girl mom to Lily 👶🏼🌸 Baby #2 due August 2020

I’ve had 1 pregnancy and 1 healthy baby and never understood why women got upset or took it out on other women who could have healthy babies.

I’m in the middle of my first Miscarriage and I’m so bitter. My daughter was going to have a sibling, I washed my maternity clothes, I started my pregnancy journal, we told all of our close friends and family...... and now nothing.

We lost the baby at 5 weeks and found out at 8 weeks.

I took the pills they gave me and passed the “baby/placenta” yesterday morning.

I spent the day so upset seeing newborns at my work and seeing all these BFPS on my feed here is killing me.

It was my time and it was snatched away in a second. 😥

I finally feel you mammas.