Any advice? Transverse lie and induction

I am currently 39 weeks 5 days.

At my 37 week appointment baby was head down.

At my 38 week appointment, baby was laying transverse.

At 39 weeks (On Tuesday the 12th) my doctor wanted me to get induced. I checked in at the hospital. Got hooked up to the IV.

They started off with a external cephalic version. It was a success. Sadly, within two hours she had flipped to a 35 angle. Therefore no longer head down (baby wants it her way 😂)

Anyways. On top of that, I’m not dilated at all!!! O% Nothing.

At that point the Doctor gave me two options:

1.) Flip baby again, get induced, and hopefully she doesn’t flip while in labor, otherwise I’d get an unplanned c-section.

2.) Get a planned C-Section

I wanted to burst out in tears. I was put in a situation where I had to choose what was best. Obviously I told him that I’d do either one as long as baby and my health were #1 priority.

I went with option number one. He said it was a good choice. But it didn’t feel right. Nothing did. I was not dilated. Baby flipped when she was already positioned head down. It felt scary. It didn’t feel right.

Luckily. A second doctor gave us a 3rd option. To go home.

I took the 3rd option. But now, the doctor wants to see me on the 19th to officially get induced. (I’ll be 40 weeks 1 day) I feel like I’m being pressured. I want this baby to come naturally, and I can see why he’d want to induce me, but why do I feel so pressured?

Anyways. Any ladies out there with a transverse baby? Or had any luck flipping him/her naturally? With exercises or yoga poses?

Anything that can help get me dilated naturally? I don’t want to get induced.

I know I might sound selfish to some, but I truly want everything to go as nature intends. It’s a hard feeling to explain how I feel. Like my body and baby aren’t ready. But. Doctor knows best I guess. But overall, my baby’s health and mine are #1 priority.