Child Protective Services

Does anyone have a problem child who has behavioral issues, adhd, odd, stubborn, strong willed, lies consistently etc...well here’s the situation I’m in, so I have a 9 year old who has the above issues. He sees 2 counselors. Has had problems since he’s been 2. We recently had a power struggle about him having to get back in the shower to wash his wash, for some reason he doesn’t EVER want to wash his hair. This is a battle we face every night. So me and him were in the bathroom and he was fighting me, as he was trying to get out of the bathroom to get away I blocked him with my body and somehow in the midst of all it he fell and hit his eye on the wall that caused some redness around his eye. Let me add that he’s VERY VERY dramatic and he always throws his body more into the fall or he caused himself to hit his eye because he threw his body more into it. My husband was sitting in the other room and he heard him say “why did you push me”? And then heard me say “I didn’t push you”! My husband tells him to stop being dramatic.

I would NEVER push him or cause him to get hurt on purpose. So he goes to school the next day, his eye is red and a little puffy. He tells someone that I pushed him into the wall. HE LIED!! What really happened was that he fell because I blocked him from leaving the room, with my backside, never put my hands on him, he tripped causing him to fall and hit his eye on the wall, might have tripped over the scale we have in there but I’m not exactly sure since my back was to him ! 2 days after that CPS is at my door. I’m beyond furious! I would NEVER EVER hurt him! Now I’m terrified, worried, upset, angry etc...I started crying to the lady saying that he has issues, lies etc...after she questioned me and him whose stories didn’t add up because he thinks I pushed him. Let me give you a example on how dramatic he is, sometimes we will tap him on the arm with the back of our hand and he will yell “DONT HIT ME”! He’s done this to me in the middle of the store. The CPS lady acted like there wasn’t going to be enough evidence to proof there was abuse and after I told her more about his issues she was more under stable. She also couldn’t even tell what eye got hurt because there was barely anything there when she showed up. I’m embarrassed, furious, scared, anxious etc...I know the school is doing their job but how EMBARRASSING! Has anyone ever been through anything like this? Now there has to be a investigation on me and she also has to do a home visit, I can’t imagine loosing him over something that either was a lie on purpose or a poor choice of words on his end. Idk what to do I’m lost and speechless. Can I add that we are trying to move, trying to buy and sell a house is stressful enough now I have this going on! Someone please give me some encouragement because I’ve been depressed and having anxiety over this whole thing! 😞😞