Holiday season

Every year, holiday season becomes harder and harder. I think that in general it's a difficult time for immigrants and first generation citizens of any North American or Western European country. Immigrants are seeing other people spend time with their families when they haven't even their own parents or siblings in like 10 years. First generation citizens like me grow up seeing their peers spend time with their grandparents and cousins while they wish that they could just meet their grandparents in person. It makes me jealous of people who get to see their families every year. Or since my hometown is such a small town it's more like every week. And people take it for granted. They don't realize how lucky they are to have family in the same town, same state, even the same country. I just feel really lonely, you know? The last time I saw my Grandma was January of 2012. The last time I saw my cousins was July of 2008. The last time I saw my aunt was January of 2010. I barely know them, but I miss them so much, especially during this time of the year when I see everyone else with their grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles.