What’s going on???? *potential trigger

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I’m 9 dpo according to Glow and 5 days away from the start of my next period. Today after I pooped I noticed a greyish light pink glob the length of my index finger in the toilet. (Def was not poop) After i wiped the front, i noticed a darker purpleish long glob on my toilet paper. Then the cramps started. I’ve been cramping all day and now lightly spotting dark brown on my toilet paper after i pee.

We’ve been trying to conceive this month. 5 days before my period starts sounds way too soon to be my period. Could this be a miscarriage? Or a sign of an ectopic pregnancy?

Google is literally of no help right now. I thought it could be implantation bleeding but the glob in the toilet makes me think otherwise.

Sorry for the tmi picture, just hoping this can clarify anything for anyone.