I don’t want baby to be kissed but his dad disagrees


I never wanted my baby to be kissed from the beginning by anyone besides us & while I was pregnant I told his dad so. He had nothing to say when I told him (multiple times too) but now that baby is here he has amnesia & says I’m wrong & taking affection away from our baby.

I’m just not comfortable with it. It literally makes me cringe when our son gets kissed so I feel like I shouldn’t have to deal with something I’m not comfortable with. Also my sons grandparents (his dads parents) are really the only ones who kiss him but I feel like it’s not necessary especially with flu season (no one gets flu shots over here, baby is getting his shots though but still)

His dad told me “You not the only parent sorry when shaari is older it won’t matter I’m give you this infant sickness excuse but he won’t miss affection because of you I tried to be nice about it” word for word btw. I just don’t know what to do. Basically he’s telling me whether I like it or not our son is going to get kissed.

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