Missed miscarriage


My heart is aching right now. I went to have blood drawn twice last week. My pregnancy went up, but barely and my progesterone level dropped after already being low. When the nurse called me with my results she asked me to come in on Monday to discuss what all of this means and what they would like to see in “future pregnancies.” She didn’t come out and say it but I knew this meant that I was losing my baby. I logged into my patient portal and on Monday’s appointment it says “talk about missed ab” I have been trying to hold it together but I know I’m my heart that my baby is gone. I no longer feel pregnant like I did a few weeks ago. I feel so alone because I don’t feel like my husband understands. He said that “it’s okay we can just try again” I know he is trying to be strong for me but it just hurts so much. This is all I have wanted for so long. We had already planned out an announcement for Christmas and I’ve already started ordering outfits and things. My heart hurts so badly right now.