I am 6 months postpartum.. and I got my first period since labor on Oct 19th - 25th. I was supposed to start again Nov 14th - 20th but I have NOT started.. today makes 3 days late. I have NOT had unprotected sex, he pulls out before and we use condoms. I am NOT on birth control. but I'm just a little worried on why I started and then have missed this months period time frame? has this happened to anyone? I was going to wait for a week to pass and then take a pregnancy test?? I feel completely normal, I've had cramps leading up to my SUPPOSED TO BE period start date but no period.. I do have like a discharge that super sticky and white ish - clear with NO odor.. help with some thoughts or advice.

💙 we do plan for more babies just not now. so if I happen to be pregnant that's fine, I'm just confused on this whole situation.. I really don't even know what to say or think of it all..