Pregnant after eptopic


Even though it’s been a week and 2 days since I confirmed my pregnancy with an HPT (or 5🤣) I have not been able to feel the full excitement! Not only is it surreal to me after 17 months of BFNs I’ve gotten what I want and I feel...terrified! I am only about 4 weeks I’ve had my bloodwork twice numbers went from 62 to 138 so I did sleep a little better but I’m so worried of getting this excitement snatched again! My eptopic lasted 4 months causing a rupture and loss of my right Fallopian tube....I remember the empty ultrasounds with my eptopic and going in too early and them not seeing anything didn’t help. I know it was wayyy to early at about 3 weeks when they tried, but this is my 1st pregnancy and I didn’t know ahead of time because they didn’t ask my conception date. I just want to see my little seed and in a few weeks hear that little heartbeat so that I can breathe a sigh of relief.....Anyone else experiencing a similar worry?