Dealing with a "baby under the lights"


My sweet Harper girl came into this world so quickly that she bruised up her face and eyes quite a bit. Because of that she failed her billy ruben (sp?). To quickly resolve the issue she needs to spend as much time as possible under the lamps, nursing, receiving donor milk, and me pumping to try to keep up. It's been only 12 hours since we were given this news, and the hardest 12 hours of my life. I have my amazing husband sleeping on the hospital couch for the second night, my new baby out of my arms and in the nursery, and my wonderful son at home with his grandmother and not me. My family is spread all over and we really haven't had a chance to all be together and bond.

This time has given me an appreciation for my husband for one, nurses, sleep, and the amazing strength of nicu parents. We are lucky our daughter's issue can be resolved fairy quickly and that we can be down the hall from her. I can't imagine how hard nicu life is.

Thank your husbands and hold your kids close!